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Write an effective RFP for grant management software (+ free template)

Learn how to vet and advocate for the right grant management software by writing a great RFP.

Government grantmakers need a great GMS

For government and public sector teams, selecting the right grant management software starts with a great RFP. This guide gives you all the dos, don’ts, and maybes you need to consider in order to create an RFP that gets results.

Get answers to all the tough questions

This guide walks you through all the considerations you need to make, including:

Do you need an RFP in the first place?

How do you set proper parameters?

How will you ensure you have what you need to mitigate fraud?

How do you ensure compliance, security, and privacy?

What do you look for when it comes to product innovation and partnerships?

Get started with a free template

Don’t start from scratch. Use our free template to create an RFP that helps your team identify exactly which grant management software is best for you.

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