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Millennials, Gen Z, and The Rising Demand For Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As Millennials and Generation Z become a greater part of the workforce and economy, companies must invest in corporate giving and CSR to remain relevant, grow, and give back..

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What This Guide Covers

Understanding the next generations

The younger generations have different passions, priorities, and ways of thinking. This guide explains how Millennials and Generation Z think and act as well as how your organization can align itself with what's important to them.

The best part? Corporate philanthropy and giving isn't just a generational trend. It's good for everyone.

The tendencies and characteristics of Millennials and Generation Z

The younger generations are all about diversity, responsibility, and justice. And understanding them means understanding your current and future customers.

Socially conscious

Ethnically diverse

Technology focused

Experience driven

Health conscious

Financially conscious

Spiritually conscious

The kids are all right

Listen to what the next two rising generations are telling us—and make sure your organizations values and corporate giving reflect what's important to them.

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