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How to Start & Build an Impactful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program

Corporate giving is good for your community, your customers, your brand, and your bottom line. Learn how to build and manage a successful corporate social responsibility (CSR) program that makes each dollar you spend go farther and do more good.

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What this guide covers

Learn everything you need to know about corporate giving programs, from their benefits, to trends and strategies, to best practices, to getting one off the ground.

The benefits of a great CSR program

It's hard to think of the downsides of corporate giving—all parties involved benefit if you execute it correctly.

A better reputation for your business

Increased brand recognition

Improved employee retention

Easier employee recruiting

Improved customer loyalty

More investments and partnerships

More sales

A stronger mission

A better community and world

Start (or improve) your CSR program today

From setting up sponsorships, to matching gifts, to organizing volunteers, to setting up grants, corporate giving can improve your business while making you feel great. Download our guide now to get started.

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