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How To Create A Powerful Collaborative Review Workflow: 5 Strategies

Groups of people can make better decisions and work more efficiently than individuals, as long as everyone is working together, working smart, and striving toward a common goal. Here's how.

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Work together better

What You'll Learn in This Guide

Collaboration is at the heart of any successful review process. A focus on efficient and equitable teamwork should drive decisions about how you organize a team, distribute assignments, work through a timeline, keep people involved, and assess your outcomes. Every choice around review process set-up and management is an opportunity to increase cooperation and boost results.

In this post, we share step-by-step advice for creating a process that’s more collaborative and better equipped for sourcing the best submissions, with examples of how software can help.

Benefits of great collaborative review

Whether you are reviewing academic papers, award entries, job applications, or literary submissions, collaborating with a team only has benefits once you have a qualified group and a clear process.

It reduces bias increases diversity

It provides vital feedback to the submitter

It saves time and resources

It shares reviewer strengths and reduces weaknesses

It teaches and educates reviewers

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Collaboration is at the heart of any successful review process. Learn how to build a review team that makes great choices fast.

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