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Grant Reporting: 10 Key Strategies for Supporting Your Mission and Serving Grantees

Grant reports should include insightful, impact-focused data that requires minimal time to gather and share. This guide offers ten suggestions for funders looking to move from a cumbersome process to a modern, mission-driven system for grant reporting.

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10 Strategies for Reporting Success

What this guide covers

Grant reporting should be a two-way street, where funders and grantees share the responsibility of collecting and sharing insight. This guide includes ten important strategies for improving your reporting process, with relevant data from the industry and practical steps for increasing efficiency in service of your mission.

What to watch for

Signs that your grant reporting process needs a tune-up include:

Bottlenecks and redundancies


A disorganized process

Inefficient grant management

Poor communication

Lack of collaboration

Improve your grant reporting practices today

Download the guide and learn important practices for impactful reporting with less burden on grantees.

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