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Visual Guide: 5 Sources of Bias in Your Grant Application Review Process

Preventing bias isn’t a game of silver bullets or one size fits all solutions. It's about learning how to identify and reduce bias to ensure a fair process for your applicants. This guide features industry-tested advice for doing just that.

Build Awareness, Address Bias

What You'll Learn in This Guide

While it’s nearly impossible to completely eliminate bias, we *can* be educated and aware of bias and build grant application processes that address it thoroughly. That’s what we hope to do with this visual guide: identify some challenging biases that are inherent to almost every grant review process (in other words, you are not alone) and pitch some solutions your way.

How to Improve the Review Process

Tackling sources of bias starts with being aware and proactive, coming up with solutions before they become problems. This guide includes practical tips on how to combat the main types of bias, including:

Taking action to address bias at the individual level

Collecting data to measure possible bias

Implementing an anonymous review process

Ready to battle bias?

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