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Choosing The Best Applicant: Setting Up An Excellent Review Team and Process

Choosing the best applicant from a mountain of applications is difficult. This guide walks you through the entire process, from setting up a killer review team, to constructing your review process, to finally selecting the best applicant of the bunch.

Find your best applicant

What this guide covers

Making the wrong choice can have serious consequences. This guide ensures that you choose the best applicants for your wants and needs by establishing a thoughtful review team and streamlined application process.

Be confident you'e made the right choice

Walk through the process of managing applications from start to finish.

How to pre-screen applications

How to structure multi-round reviews

How to find and select reviewers

How to be inclusive

How to define your review criteria and method

How to construct a selection timeline

How to communicate with applicants

How to write application guidelines

How to work with remote reviewers

Find the best fit for you

Download our guid and begin constructing a better application review and selection process today.

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