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Receive entries, collect fees, and review submissions without downloading them with Submittable’s all-in-one festival management software.

Craft an experience to remember. Submittable helps you find the best talent or submissions for your festival—without the repetitive, time-consuming tasks that ordinarily make it such a hassle. From music and film festivals to food, literary, and craft events, our festival management software helps festival organizers streamline their call for entry and review process to produce their best event yet.

A quick introduction to Submittable

  • Collect

    Create your custom branded portal to explain your rules and collect any information or files you need. Submittable accepts more than 50 different file types, including video, audio, VR, and photo.

  • Organize

    Say goodbye to waiting for downloads. With Submittable, you can view files right in the online application—no space-eating downloads or lost application materials. Everything stays in one place, and everyone is on the same page.

  • Review

    Whether your festival requires public voting or private judging, Submittable’s one-stop platform makes it easy to review applications, information, and files. Be confident you found your best applicants quickly and fairly.

Attract top talent

If applicants are turned off or intimidated by an antiquated or complicated application process, they won’t enter—let alone take part in your festival. Submittable’s clear, intuitive forms, which accept dozens of types of files, invite entries and social sharing. In less than an hour, you can easily have your custom portal and application form up and accepting submissions.

Flexible voting options

On the review and judging side, our festival management software eliminates endless meetings and hours of collecting and organizing materials. With Submittable, remote judging is easy and everyone’s comments, notes, and decisions are in one central place. Use basic thumbs up/down voting, create advanced custom review forms for your team, or enable anonymous settings.

Want the public to pick? No problem. Submittable offers public voting in a beautiful online display with flexible controls.

Save your team’s time

Cut administrative costs and time by automating the repetitive, time-consuming tasks in your application and review process with features like bulk updates, auto-assignments, labels, and more. Tap into Submittable’s submitter network to grow your reach quickly: Our marketing services help you reach thousands of qualified applicants and include promotional campaign support from start to finish. 

Submittable gets five out of five star independent user reviews on CapterraExperts Choice 2019 award from Finances Online

About Submittable

With more than 10 million submissions collected and thousands of customers worldwide, Submittable is the industry-leading application management software for festivals, events, contests, and more. Our all-in-one festival management software streamlines your application and judging processes, making it simpler and more efficient to collect materials, review submissions, and determine your best applicants.

What do other people think about us? Submittable has earned a five-out-of-five star user rating on Capterra, an independent research website that compares multiple festival management platforms.

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