Support during the COVID-19 pandemic

Working remotely doesn't mean working alone.

Standing together: Support during COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to impact people, businesses, and communities everywhere, we’ve been inspired by the many organizations that have stepped in to help. Like so many of you, we’re eager to do what we can to support our global community—from reducing community spread by having our team go completely virtual to assisting our customers the best way we know how: through our software.

Submittable’s platform is fully operational and secure, and plans are in place to ensure we continue to deliver the highest levels of technical and business service. As we all work through the impact of COVID-19, please know we want to hear from you and are here to help you.

For our existing customers

We know many of you are experiencing higher application volumes or adjusting to more remote staff. To help, we’re adding additional team seats and increasing submission limits on your account at no charge through June 1, 2020. Simply email our team to increase capacity.

For those considering Submittable

If you’re looking to quickly spin up a new program, or add power to an existing one, we’re ready to meet your needs on an accelerated timeline. Reach out and we'll connect you with a member of our team immediately.

Support and resources

Our team of customer support specialists and engineers are working remotely, fully operational, and online and available to support you, as always. We’re also sharing inspiring examples of how customers are responding to COVID-19 and tips for your team on the blog.

How Submittable's platform can help during this time

Emergency grants & relief funds

You're ready to help, but you need a tool to help you do it—fast. With Submittable, you can spin up an online application for emergency grants or relief funds in minutes, intake hundreds or even thousands of requests, and review and respond to them quickly. See inspiring examples.

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We are Brooklyn's community foundation. This is how we're showing up.

Marcella J. Tillett

Brooklyn Community Foundation

Corporate giving programs

Your community needs support, and your business may be in the position to help. From collecting support requests to scholarships, research funds, one-time grants, and more, Submittable’s corporate giving platform can help from start to finish without any in-person meetings. Learn more.

Creating together

You can practice social distance without isolation. Connect with your community, run contests, collect user-generated content, make art—whatever your need, Submittable's platform accepts any file type and helps you engage your audience. Learn more.

Explore other use cases

Use Submittable for any application or review process across your organization. Its flexible platform is simple enough for any team to adopt quickly, but powerful enough to run any process, including accepting content for virtual events, internal HR processes, job applications, and more. Explore solutions.

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We use the software for everything under the sun—fellowship applications, hiring job applicants, deciding on awards. We have applications in multiple languages. We also use it to monitor and evaluate our programs.

Jennifer Hyman

International Women's Media Foundation

It's easy to get started

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It's easy to get started

Get a free demo account and custom quote for your organization.