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Software for corporate giving and philanthropy programs

Maximize the impact of your corporate giving or corporate philanthropy program with Submittable’s top-rated corporate giving platform.

Submittable manages corporate giving from start to finish for hundreds of brands. No matter your industry or team size, Submittable’s platform makes it easy to collect and manage requests for donations, including financial gifts, in-kind donations, scholarships, grants, employee volunteerism, and disaster relief. Support the community or cause that's important to you while dramatically reducing the time it takes to respond to corporate giving requests with our all-in-one, cloud-based platform.


A quick introduction to Submittable

See it in action

Our team takes the time to discuss your process and customize your software. Get a live demo and a custom quote.


See it in action

Our team takes the time to discuss your process and customize your software. Get a live demo and a custom quote.



Quickly create modern, branded forms to accept any application.

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Collaborate with your team to track and review applications in one place.

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Choose your best applicant and watch your company’s impact grow.

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Simplify Your Corporate Giving Program

Support the community that supports you. From donations and in-kind services to employee giving programs, scholarships, grants, and employee volunteerism, corporate giving programs can make a tremendous difference. Don’t let a cumbersome application process reduce your impact.

With Submittable, it’s easy for applicants to find and apply to your programs—just direct them to your custom online portal. Quickly create modern, on-brand forms that accept any file type and information you need. Then, manage applications and communications in one easy-to-use platform.

Make Reviewing Corporate Giving Requests Easy

Put your funds to their highest possible use with an efficient, objective review process. Submittable’s intuitive design makes it easy to collaborate with your team and keep your corporate giving process moving—no more emails, downloads, or marathon meetings to slow you down.

Review, comment, and collaborate with your team from one user-friendly, secure location. Use simple thumbs up/down voting or set up a custom online review process. Reviewers can see applications and comments in one screen, and all comments and decisions stay with the applications. This centralized process dramatically reduces errors, bias, and administrative time, letting you focus on what’s most important: supporting your philanthropic efforts.

Save Time and Expense

Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. With Submittable, you can simplify the administrative procedures you use across the whole process: receive applications, track and compile data, facilitate review across team members, and manage communications.

With more time, you can focus on the applicants themselves and the high-level priorities that will boost your organization’s standing in the community.

Reporting tools and digital archives help you stay on top of applicant and reviewer activity, past and present. Submittable’s integrations keep you organized, connecting your account to hundreds of other tools you may already use, such as SalesForce, Google, and QuickBooks.

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Submittable gets five out of five star independent user reviews on CapterraExperts Choice 2019 award from Finances Online

About Submittable

Submittable helps companies, big and small, streamline their corporate giving application and review process with our all-in-one platform. As an industry leader for corporate giving management software, we get five-out-of-five star user reviews on Capterra, an independent research website that compares multiple corporate giving platforms. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based corporate giving software makes it simple to create online forms to accept any content and to set up a custom review process to collaborate and review applications with your team. With less administrative work, you can focus on what’s most important: making a bigger impact.

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