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Awards management software that makes finding winners fair and easy

Save time and costs with Submittable's easy-to-use, industry-leading award management software.

For your next contest, competition or award, Submittable’s start-to-finish awards management platform is designed to make the selection process streamlined and efficient for both nominees and judges. Use our cloud-based system, trusted by more than 10,000 organizations, to uncover the best entrant, strengthen your brand, and increase the pull and scope of your award.

A quick introduction to Submittable

  • Accept

    The application process shouldn’t deter entrants. Make submitting an entry welcoming, fast, good-looking and easy, so that the quality and quantity of your applications soars.

  • Select

    Whether your contest requires public voting or private judging, this one-stop platform makes it simple to organize and review applications, information, and files.

  • Award

    Be confident that you found your winners fairly, and didn’t leave anyone hanging with a quick and intuitive notification process. Download valuable reports about your contest for public or internal use.

Simplicity and clarity for your applicants

Set up custom forms in minutes so that your entrants can quickly and easily fill out forms, read guidelines, and upload materials. Encourage entries and shares through our simple, intuitive process; ensure fairness and transparency by posting terms and conditions and having a transparent, uniform application process.

Streamline your selection process

Coordinating a panel of judges can be a headache while organizing the review process for dozens, hundreds, or thousands of entries can be daunting. Submittable makes certain that every submission and every communication is in one place, so that both administrators and judges can save time and stop worrying—no matter their level of involvement or physical location.

Want the public to pick your winner? No problem. Submittable offers public voting and anonymous voting options for your award.

Say goodbye to storage and organization issues

One of the most difficult parts of awards management is downloading large files, tracking emails, and making sure that all entries travel down the pipeline toward an acceptance or rejection together. Submittable solves these problems, making tracking and communication easy, and even offering an easy way to archive old entries.

Grow your awards brand and program

With Submittable, watch your awards competition grow each year, alongside your brand visibility and your entry pool. Add our support and marketing services to gain expert advice on how to best run your awards program and reach a wider audience.

Submittable gets five out of five star independent user reviews on CapterraExperts Choice 2019 award from Finances Online

About Submittable

Submittable has collected more than 10 million submissions from thousands of customers worldwide, helping organizations with entries, selections, grants, awards, and more. Our all-in-one software makes it easy to create custom application forms, review entries, and choose winners, saving administrators an average of eight hours a week. From helping you market your award to providing you with reports about your outcomes, Submittable helps you manage your award or contest from beginning to end, plus everything in the middle.

Our awards management system has earned five-out-of-five star user rating on Capterra, an independent research website that compares multiple contest management platforms.

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